J/70 - One Design Trailerable Speedster

Easier to trailer, rig and ramp launch
The J/70 Speedster (22.75 feet) is J/Boats' first ramp-launchable, keelboat - designed to fulfill the need for an easy-to-own, high performance one-design that's exciting to sail, stable enough for the entire family, AND easy to tow, rig, launch and sail. Since its introduction in 2012, the J/70 has become the most prolific sportboat in the world with 1500+ boats sailing in 25+ countries. It all started with a boat that's a BLAST to sail!

J70 trailering

Key J/70 Features
- Large comfortable cockpit with open transom.
- Deck-stepped carbon mast for easy rigging & stepping.
- Inexpensive three sail inventory with masthead A-Sail.
- Vertical lifting keel.
- Small cabin for storage and personal privacy.
- Easy to trailer to regattas, ramp launch and store at home.
- Only 1,750 lbs so most 6 cyl vehicles can easily tow.
- Fits inside most standard garage doors!

j70 aerial upwind

More comfortable to sail on deck
The 11' long cockpit and moderate height boom in the J/70 allow easy crew movement across the cockpit while tacking and jibing. For sitting and hiking comfort, mid-height padded backrests/lifelines run cockpit length, large cockpit floor mounted toe-rails for secure foot bracing and comfortable seat height and ergonomics makes J/70 one of the most comfortable small keelboats to helm.  No need for hiking straps to keep you in the boat. Plus there are strict class limits on how to hike to make the boat less physical to sail.

j70 family

Easy for the entire family to join in!
With standard  jib/spin sheet winches, a feather light responsive helm and confidence building stability, you can enjoy sailing with friends and family more often. Juniors and seniors alike feel as comfortable and in control steering or trimming. Whether daysailing or joining in for some sunset racing, the J/70 is both exciting and forgiving.  And then if you want to take it to the next competitive level, there's J/70 competition almost everywhere on the planet.

j70 tomlinson

On-board privacy, storage & auxiliary power
The small cabin below is a bonus in any small keelboat, and the J/70 cabin is just large enough to provide weather & sun protection, a place to nap and/or for personal privacy . . . essential to keeping the whole crew happy if spending a full day on the water.

The J/70 one-design class rules provide for a 2.5 hp outboard engine (gas or electric). This means one can sail further away from home without worrying about paddling home or hailing for a tow. Race Committees can start races on time and finish them later in the day without having to tow boats.

j70 onedesign start

worldsailing logo whiteJ/70 International Class Association
The J/70 International Class Association is recognized by World Sailing and owner-managed.  There are national, continental and world championship regattas, with strict class rules and measurements.

j70 sailingleague

SCL logoJ/70 Sailing Leagues - Europe
The revolutionary "sailing league" concept was first introduced in Germany by Oliver Schwall in 2013.  It has since taken Europe by storm, with 15+ nations now running active leagues. From the outset, the J/70 became the "sailors choice" for league competition, and now most national leagues feature the J/70. Learn about the Sailing Champions League here.

j70 sunset